Review of Garena’s Free Fire Battlegrounds mobile game

The Free Fire Battlegrounds by Garena (top Indonesian publisher) is not only engaging but also among the best battle royale mobile games. The game has garnered positive response and has gathered a lot of success among the famous gaming genre that is a battle royale. We all prefer battle royale games over anything else. Games that belong to the battle royale genre are far more exciting than any other video games, be it online or offline.

The Free Fire Battlegrounds is a third party, shooting, mobile game for both Android and iOS users. It redefines the aspect of survival and games based on it. Generally, the survival aspect of a video game comes up when we happen to play a game based on a post-apocalyptic world with the introduction of terrifying zombies. However, in the battle royale game, the main aspect is survival. Since the game is a multiplayer game, one can play it with their friends if needed or solo. The idea behind the game is for the player to survive the harsh terrain and the unexpected pop-up of enemies from time to time. The player who succeeds in killing off all the other players off the game, he or she wins. The gameplay is quite simple and does not require any hard and fast rule. It is far from any complexities and one can grasp on to the game easily.

The gameplay of the Free Fire Battlegrounds

Generally, in a battle royale game, the players are thrown off an airplane and then made to land on an island, which is already occupied with other players. The first requirement of the game after safe landing is to collect as much ammunition, healing kit and gear as possible in order to go ahead in the game. Once done, a player’s sole purpose is to kill off any opponent that they see and become the sole survivor to win. It sounds quite easy; however, the reality is different. However, having a simple gameplay one can expect the least of Free Fire Battlegrounds hack apk, for one can make do without it. Although one should keep a keen watch on the weapons to be acquired.

Game controls of the Free Fire Battlegrounds

When a player starts a game and lacks the knowledge about the controls of it, they are easily spooked or startled by the ongoing events that unfold one by one. It is important to know the controls to play the game efficiently. There are control options to duck attack and lay on the floor. Among the others, these three are the most important ones. There is a possibility to get killed in the game before one can even begin if they fail to master the controls.

There is something that one needs to know before they begin to play the game. If one happens to be a fan of great graphics when playing a game then this is not the one for you. However, if you are a fan of battle royale games, then go ahead and download the free Fire Battlegrounds video game right away and enjoy every bit of it. The silver lining is, players using both low end and highend phones will enjoy the game.