Clash Royale – Why to play this game on PCs or laptops?

Playing video games is the fun activity that you can do at the time when you are not doing anything. If you are free now and want to try some online games, then try clash royale. This is the best game for the time pass, and players get the new experience every time they enter the battlefield. When playing this game, it is necessary for you to have concentration. In the technologically advanced world where all things are done online using android mobile or iPhone, you play a game on mobile. But players play this game on PCS more than mobile.

Some people recommend playing this game to play on mobile while some love to play it on PCs. But in this article, we’re going to learn why you must play this game on PCs or computers.

Reasons for playing clash royale on computers-

No disturbance due to calls– when playing the game on mobile many times it happens that when you are battling with the opponent and your phone starts ringing. Calls interrupt the game and then when one player leaves the game another player automatically wins the game. Also continuing the game during calls is not possible. Hence, when you are playing on laptops or PCs, you don’t face such problems.

Battery problems– Playing the clash royale on mobile drains your mobile battery faster. When suddenly battery is dead while playing the game it all you fun is ruined. Also, may players have complained that playing this game on mobile consume lot of battery but when played on laptops and computers you do not get any problem. Thus, it is recommended to play it on PCs, especially if you want to hack clash royale 2018.

Watch tournaments and live streams– for watching the streams from any arena within the game you click the TV royale section from the battle tab. watching the live stream, you can listen to the commentary very clearly on the webcam and thus, you can understand their strategy of playing a game. Also, it is fun listening to the commentary while watching the game on PCs.

Background filter– when you were playing the clash royale on the mobile you do not get the option of changing background filter. While you play the game on the PCs or laptop, you get the option of changing the background filter. Also while live streaming you can change the background as well as you can change the chat overlays and toggle your webcam.

Big screen- when playing on mobile you are not able to concentrate as the screen is


small. But when you play on PCs or computers you see that you can play and concentrate better as the screen is wide, and you are able to understand the opponents’ strategies very well. You can clearly find where your opponent is hiding.

So, did you understand now that why many players prefer to play the clash royale on laptops and computers as compared to mobile? Playing on laptops and mobile is much better as when you play games for hours on mobile your eyes are affected by harmful rays coming from mobile. Also when you play on mobile you keep your mobile close to your eyes. Thus, your eyes get damages but when you play a game on the laptop then you can sit straight, and the laptops or computers and your eyes are away from the screen at the distance which avoids damaging of vision.

If you like the reasons for using laptops and computers instead of mobile for playing clash royale then hurry up download the game install it on your PCs. Start playing on it and enjoy playing as many hours as you want.