Clash of the Titans cheats

The game is addictive and for you to get an upgrade or move to other levels you need more gems and gold. If you are like me, the time to get this in the game is to play for hours or purchase more gems online. This method consumes time and you do not have there times you do not have unlimited resources to do this. But you can get some cool clash of the titans cheats that give you unlimited gems, elixir and gold.

The game is about fortifying your positions, getting the best troops through upgrades. You can get your troops into raiding parades and the game can be played online. You can band together as clans and get numerous trophies.

How you use your hard earned clash of clans free gems matters a lot don’t spend them on non-essential stuff but use them to build your huts. Ensure you clear most obstacles on your way up but don’t spend so much time as the game has a timer.

If your timer is up try playing other games around clash of the titans and cycle them. This can include candy crush saga or simpson tapped out. This puts a card battler spin on clash of the titans.

You can focus on either building forts or an attacking strategy. For the forts make sure that you build mortar and air defenses in the middle and make the town hall your first upgrade. This will be followed by walls then the archer tower and cannons. Please note that players with higher level town hall earn less from attacking entry level players. When defending your barracks ensure to train your troops and queue them up which by the way enables you get a refund and you can store your elixir there.

If you chose to be on the offensive you can begin by building your town hall get more elixir so that you can start stockpiling resources. Get your army by building barracks and getting camp upgrades. You can then shore up your defense using walls and cannons.

Keep tabs on your shield timer once it expires you get extra time where you can attack but others can’t attack you. Depending on your league this shield varies so you need to capitalize on it whenever it comes up. You also need to keep your mobile connected because you can’t  be attacked while playing online.

The gist of the game is that when you get into a clan you can call for back up from fellow clan members. But, you also need to contribute when they need your help. To get maximum benefit from the game communicate regularly concerning your intentions and seek advise from senior members on the best strategy for the game. You can coordinate attacks and this will help you get a lot of lot. Begin by attacking unstarred clans first an gain more from this. Let the game do the match making for you as it will pair you with some worthy opponents. This will enable your clan rise the ranks easily.

The game is a team effort and so have open and regular communications with other clans.