An overview on the Assault rifle weapon of guns of Boom

Taking the best gun in the game of guns of boom is tricky and confusing sometimes. Every player needs to pick up their weapon depending on their in-game condition as well as situation. You will have to play this game in a team but giving your contribution in the war is equally important in order to level up. Whenever you will be leveling up you will get the access to better weapons as they will get unlocked. So if your level is between 5 to 10 then you will need to pick the guns which are available within this range and from there you will have to get the best.

Assault rifle: Assault Rifles are considered to be the primary weapon in this game. So pick the best assault rifle depending on the player’s level. If you have your game tactics sorted then you can analyze the type of rifle which you can take. If you are a player who is fearless and prefers attacking brutally while performing the close combat than hiding themselves, then you can pick the deadliest rifle. So you can pick the Vampire assault rifle as it will provide you with more accuracy and power. Since you believe in playing in close combat so having lesser range will not be a problem for you. As you will be going to kill them brutally so using the Assault Rifle will be a great choice. If you don’t have the budget of purchasing Vampire then you can opt for the scattershot. It has a power of 1800 plus which is not bad. Assault rifle is very powerful and deadly because it has high power when it is hitting. Always make the use of the power according to the situation and pick the weapon accordingly. If you are running low and doesn’t have sufficient gun bucks for investing in heavy weapons then you can also opt for the slicer which is also efficient and is also the favourite of many gamers. You can also use that Sting rifle if you are not a beginner but for a beginner, you can definitely stick to the slicer.

Make sure that you are earning enough Guns of boom free gun bucks or using guns of boom hack ios for availing expensive ammunition and try to level up in order to unlock new weapons. Having the right skill is very important no matter how upgraded weapon you are using.