A guide to the crops and goods

Hay Day is a very popular game which makes you build your farm and keep harvesting. This is a very addictive game which you can play on any device and was developed by the Supercell. There are many strategies that you need to have for playing this game properly. Crops and goods play a major role in this game. To play the game properly, you will have to make more and more resources and grow crops, tend the animals and many more.

Important things of this game

Crops: As Hay Day is purely dependent on the farming so here you will have to produce crops. You have to plant the crops in the fields and for that; you will need an empty field. For getting that you will have to tap at a place where you can find an empty field and drag the preferred crop for planting in that place. There will be a timer which will indicate how much time the crops will take for harvesting. So when the time of harvesting comes, you will have to drag the sickle on them. Do not spend all the crops which are of the same type. You should use different types of crops for planting so that you won’t have to buy them by spending more diamonds.

Goods: After you have completed your harvesting of crops you can easily use them. It will be a great idea if you can easily turn them into various goods and keep them in buildings. The buildings will be categorized for keeping different types of goods. There will be a timer for producing these goods. When you level up, you will get new buildings. You will have to purchase these buildings by using coins. After purchasing the building, it will take some time for getting ready. When the building is ready, you can keep several items. You can also keep the farm at rest while you will do other works and at that time your farm will be productive. If you want more slots, then you can also buy them by using diamonds.

Crops and goods are two important factors in Hay Day. It will help you to earn more resources, and you can use them to survive at high levels. There are many hacks and tricks such as a hay day hack which you can use for getting more resources. But make sure you are not providing any personal information.